Monday, 27 February 2012

My Joan Walsh Anglund Collection..

Joan Walsh Anglund Collection..

Over the last five years or so I have collected over 40 Joan Walsh Books

My first book was given to me by my very sweet friend
"Love is a Special way of Feeling"

Most of my collection I have found in thrift shops, the cheapest book was 50c

I love the delicate beauty of the tiny pictures.
"A Book of Good Tidings" is filled with thoughtfully chosen Bible verses 

Joan's little pocket Books are just a delight to read, they come with a little cover to protect the precious book
In Australia these books are very hard to find so I sourced them on ebay.

"A year is Round" is a very sweet book
You may have noticed the artist (Joan Walsh) only gives her little people eyes when she draws - they don't have mouths or noses


So enchanting...

"Spring is a new Beginning"

"What colour is Love ?"

"Look out the Window"

"Childhood is a Time of Innocence"


...just gorgeous

"In a Pumpkin Shell"
"Nibble Nibble Mousekin"
"Morning is a little Child"

...a childs sense of wonder

"The Brave Cowboy"

"Christmas is a time of giving"
"A is for alway"
"A Birthday Book"
"Do you love someone"
"A Child's Book of  Old Nursery Rhymes"
"Love on Another"
"Almost a Rainbow"
(I was a little sad when I bought "Almost a Rainbow" as it was a book of poems for Adults and had not pictures)

I was so excited when I found the little Joan Walsh Anglund miniature tea set

I really love my porcelain collection aswell...

But my favourite Joan Walsh items are the wee fine pewter Figurines
They have been exquisitly handcrafted and they are my absolute little treasures

So the big question is ?
Do you know of any other books or other Joan Walsh treasures..???
Please let me know so I can start hunting
I would really love to add to my collection


  1. Your JWA collection is exquisite! I think you would like The Christmas Cookie Book... it is a delicious little book full of the yummiest recipes.... Gingerbread Men, Honey Spice Cakes and Peppermint Meringues to name a few...

  2. Yum yum peppermint meringues...I have seen this Joan Walsh Christmas Cookie book on ebay but it has always been just out of my price range. Thanks Linda

  3. What an amazing collection!! I enjoyed peering at every picture of your collections and am looking forward to seeing more additions in future. I must say I don't know much about JWA; only I do love her illustrations! I have a book given to me by a special friend for my birthday a few years ago which I adore! It prides itself on top of my 'fave' pile of books in my crafting room! B...

    1. Well hello there and thank you for your lovely comments. It warms my heart to know that you treaure your one Joan Walsh Book,and it sounds like you enjoy collecting special books...I hope to add more to my collection soon